Beijing Nodal Office
             Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS


The Beijing Nodal Office of GLP focuses on the theme of "Land Use and Ecosystem Interactions". The specific mission of this nodal office is to provide a platform for faciliting world-wide collaboration, communication, and coordination among scientists who have been engaged in studies on the behavior of regional and global land dynamic systems, impacts of land use and land cover change on ecosystems induced by human activies, feedbacks of ecosystems in human-environment coupled Earth systems, and response options for devloping a harmonized man-nature relationship.

The Beijing Nodal Office of GLP contributes and collaborates with the International Project Office of GLP (IPO GLP) to project some research programs and carries out the following activies:

(1) Capacity building and provision of tenical training and international information communication on impacts of climate change, landscape evolution process, natural resources exploitation, land use and land cover change, ecosystem degradadtion, and awareness-arousing for environmental cvonservation;

(2) Provision of information on researcg agenda, activies, participant scientists and and relevant regional and global research projects across the whole GLP community and beyond;

(3) Identification of key science questions and development of research projects;

(4) Development of new links and promotion of present collaboration and coordination among research programs sponsored or endorsed by GLP, IHDP and IGBP, including GCP (Global Carbon Project), LUCC (Land Use and Cover Change), NEESPI and GWSP (Global Water Systems Project).

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