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GLP Reports

Global Land Project Science Plan

GLP Report No.1: Land Grab in Africa - Emerging land system drivers in a teleconnected world

GLP Report No.2: Toolbox options for conceptualizing change in human-environmental systems - Pathways, path dependency, legacies, syndromes and scenarios.

GLP Report No.3: Challenges and Prospects for REDD+ in Africa: Desk Review of REDD+ Implementation in Africa. A GOFC-ACRENET synthesis

GLP Report No.4: Contemporary land-use transitions: The global oil palm expansion

Reports From LUCC Projects

International Workshop Synthesis and Final Report: Global Change, Sustainable Development and Environmental Management in Central Asia

LUCC Report Series No.4: What Drives Tropical Deforestation?

LUCC Report Series No.5: Meeting in the Middle - The Challenge of Meso-Level Intergration

LUCC Report Series No.6: Agent-Based Models of Land-Use and Land-Cover Change

LUCC Report Series No.7: Satistical methods for analysing the spatial dimension of changes in land use and farming systems



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